The Observatorio El Sauce is a completely robotic Observatory located in the Atacama desert, which is designed for hosting robotic telescopes with different purposes. There, without light pollution, in a specially clean atmosphere with very little turbulence and humidity, we offer to host telescopes under professional observational conditions. Our Seeing measurments mean is below the ArcSecond!

It is not only a premium quality robotic observatory, by being here you also access a highly specialized support team which will help you having your systems in the best possible conditions. Here you access the Atacama Desert Sky Quality, from your home at your local time: doing astronomy at daytime from home!

Furthermore, a system of shared ownership for reduced costs has also been implemented. We truly want as much people as possible to share the joy of starry nights. Without colds, without insects, at the time of the day that better suits you.

Contact us with your specifications.