What does a robotic telescope in sub- arcsecond seeing conditions mean?

It means professional quality astronomical images. And professional quality science. With professional astronomers looking through larger and larger telescopes, more and more expensive, with less and less observation time, we believe there is a LOT of astronomy to be done with smaller telescopes and long observation times.

It means sunlight astronomy. You can take advantage of your time zone to make observations while it is daytime for you, but nightime at Atacama, or the site where your telescope is placed. See the winter sky warmly.  You always can exit home at midnight for a good photo, of course. Now that’s optional, not mandatory anymore.

It means new skies. To most of us seeing through a sky never seen, a sharp imaging sky in the other side of the world is a compelling vision. New constellations. Planets you would not see from your site at that moment.

We want a world with more astronomers looking at better skies. Because the better we see the sky,  the closer we are to beauty.

Yep, that’s definitely our mission.