At ObsTech we all are astronomers. Amateur, profesional or both. We have been fighting with our telescopes for years in order to search for a stable, solid, reconfigurable solution for remote control of our telescopes through the internet.
However, each device had its own controller and software updates, separate and not necessarily compatible with each other (we mean hardly ever compatible, you know). Operating systems also update frequently regardless of how your hardware performs. Stability issues of versions have turned us mad for several hours of our lives.
Finally, a combination of research advances, technology developments, and many (many) hours of engineering work allowed us to build a fully centralized, robust and solid control system embedding all the devices in our telescopes (pointing, camera, rotator, trackers...) in a single, compact control box: our Telescope Control System (TCS).
We are prepared to nest a limited number of remote telescopes equipped with TCS units in the Atacama desert, in Chile. High in the Andes. With minimal humidityand maximum number of observable nights. No light pollution. We found a remote location which has one of the best skies of the world, close to where professional astronomers work. The figure below shows our seeing measurements in place, with sub-arcsecond median. These are our average results, not a lucky night, last March.
This involved depeloping new software on new platforms using new device and control hardware and software architectures. We succeeded in placing in a box funciotnalities for pointing, tracking, communicating with any device, being a motor or a camera, and for transmitting the obtained data from a remote location, with accuracy and reliability.



We currently are accepting preorders for telescopes to be lodged in the site. ObsTech can build the telescope or adapt it to be remote,and then install it at ObsTech’s central observatory. We care of maintenance tasks an have a person 24h in-situ at the observatory. Shared ownership arrangements are prepared for those who request it (you can, for instance, own one-third of observation time for one-third of the telescope price). Telescopes of different  sizes, designs and functionalities are available.


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